Bamatek delivers UVC air purification solutions for inside rooms. The mobile cleaning untis work without the need of fiters and are able to reduce airborne transmission of viruses and bacteria by cleaning the air and so reduce germicide air concentration.

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus to a worldwide pandemia was not forseen by most of the people. Looking at the situation in closed rooms, studies showed that the viurs stayed in the air for up to 3 hours. Thats why clean air is so important to keep the infection risk as low as possible.  
Clean Air is an important part of a "Total Hygiene Concept", next to hand washing, clean working, clean water, clean equipment and clean materials/products.
VIROBUSTER ® is cleaning the air by UVC radiation: special UVC lamps, combined with a special reflector and controlled air volume can drastically reduce, sometimes totally eliminate microbes such as fungi, viruses, bacteria and allergens. This has been proved in various studies.

VIROBUSTER ® is suitable for medical facilities, retirement homes, offices, meeting rooms, factories, shops, pharmacies, fitness centers and everywhere where lots of people are together inside. The mobile VIROBUSTER ® unit is a very convinient solution, it is easyly set up and Plug & Play:

Virobuster device in a child and youth psychiatrist surgery in Vienna, Austria

Official WHO Paper - Germicidal ultraviolet lights against Airborne Transmission of COVID-19.pdf