The increased amount of nosocomial infections, due to failed (air) hygiene, the increased threat of pandemics due to the intensified veterinary industry and globalization and the increased microbiological resistant against antibiotics – forced medical staff and employees to think more on prevention instead of curation.
The importance of air - or in other words the possibility to transmit pathogenic materials by air, became more and more important on the agenda of the WHO.

Why is clean air so important?
The reduction of fungi, bacteria and viruses does have a significant impact on the air quality and would be beneficial for several medical departments. Health care facilities show naturally a much higher concentration of (dangerous) micro-organism then normal facilities like offices or even at home. A longer stay in high contaminated air means - in the sum - a doubles the risk of catching an airborne contamination.

Improved air quality could benefit IC patients during recovery, prevent vulnerable patients (bone marrow, chemo, etc.) catching a normally harmful cold virus. TBC or MRSA patients could be preventive isolated or normally minor treatments like a diabetic feet could be treated in an normal room.

Other possible VIROBUSTER ® medical applications are:
• Isolation rooms
• Minor surgery rooms
• Patient rooms
• Waiting rooms


Here you can download the leaflet of the pracitical mobile standing unit:

Leaflet Bamatek Virobuster mobile air purification St450P.pdf

Not only in medical field, also in food industry VIROBUSTER ® air cleaners are used as built-in soltions for existing air conditioning systems. There are a lot of refereces in field of bakeries, diaries, fruit & vegetables, meat, fish, gourmet food. Stationary and mobile concepts are possible.


Building Applications - COVID-19 edition:

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