Bamatek offers proven and taylor-made solutions for Air Purification & Clean Room Technology. Representing the German company PETEK Reinraumtechnik GmbH in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia, we can provide you with standard & taylor-made clean room equipment that turns your production area into a clean room. We work in the plastics-, automotive-, pharma- and food industry. We can equip any type of injection moulding machine with laminar flow boxes, clean room filter units, clean room conveyors, separators, clean room furniture, security gates and much more.


Every injection moulding machine can be equiped with PETEK Laminar Flow Units


Cleaning the clean room furniture of a a grey room (located before the security gate to the clean room)

Clean room chutes for injection moulding machines are manfatured in FDA-approved white polymer instead of stainless steel:
Bamatek PETEK Brochure English Language.pdf

For more information, please contact Mr. Alexander Badelt, or +4369981650588